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Concrete Building

Building Industry Liquidity Delivered.

We're developing technology to financially hydrate the building industry and lower project costs.


The Australian building industry is hurting

25% of insolvencies in Australia are attributable to the $400 billion p.a. Australian building industry.

The industry is highly competitive, faces a decline in already low gross profit margins, is adversarial and operates with constrained and lumpy cashflows.

These forces have resulted in a disproportionate number of insolvencies, decreased access to financial services and rising insurance costs.

Construction finance is antiquated

Current approaches for managing finance in the Australian construction industry do not allow for technological developments that have occurred over recent decades.


The inefficiencies mean contractors are both under-financed and unable to access readily available capital, contributing to non-alignment of interests, unnecessary insolvencies and delays in projects.

What's missing

The application of well-established concepts from the international finance and insurance industries, utilising digital technology and smart contracts to align interests and free up funds.


Teji Gobran

Ex Multiplex and APP Corporation


Kieran Brush

Ex Director Macquarie and CFO RAMS

Noel Condon

Ex CEO AIG Australia

Ian Maxted

Ex CEO (Property & Infrastructure) Transfield


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